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i have a really hard time execpting my body, somedays i feel good, but i find a friend of mine always makes comments about how she looks better in some way, but even when she doesnt make comments i have trouble, any suggestions on how to feel better about myself ?

First of all, let your friend know that her comments aren’t helping. If she’s really your friend she will understand, she’s probably feeling insecure too and saying these things might make her feel better. But demeaning an other person is never ok. Building up your self esteem isn’t done by crushing someone else’s!! What I used to do was look at myself in the mirror and try to think of all the littlest things that I liked about myself, and when ever I felt like shit during the day I would try to remember these, and how it’s not the things that I (or other people) don’t like about myself that make me who beautiful or who I am.

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